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Jesus: The Reconciler

  • Aerator 4839 Market Street Ventura, CA, 93003 United States (map)

God's vision of creation is much broader than any loyalty or subgroup that we can create. Unfortunately, for too many, these loyalties try to claim us for themselves and tell us "you are mine, therefore you cannot belong to anything else or anyone else."

If we can stop scapegoating others, we can begin to see the inherent value and goodness in their differences, we can begin to honor them as legitimate children of God as much right to life, love, joy, peace, justice, and prosperity as we have, then there is hope for us as a society yet. And maybe, just maybe, we stop hating others for a little while, it will allow us to come to terms with what we hate about ourselves and learn to forgive, love, except, or reconcile with that person too.

How far does love go? Love goes as far as God's heart can go!

For our prayer station, we will reflect upon the ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation in mind. It is called Ho'oponopono. This practice of reconciliation and forgiveness focuses on taking responsibility for one's part in any illness.

About Our Current Aerator Series - The Wild Journey of Faith in Jesus

Following Jesus means to follow a “nobody” from “nowhere.” It is a search for purpose and meaning in the events and choices of our lives. It is a costly journey with an unknown destination.

Jesus invites us to be a part of his story. It seems to require so much sacrifice on our hearts, so some might wonder, "Is it really worth it?"

We will not make light of the time questions of faith. We don't want to give you a definitive answer because you deserve to make the journey yourself.

Following Jesus is an invitation to go on a wild journey. What else could be better in life?


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